When questions about why things happen the way they do have ceased; when there is an acceptance that life gives us what we need not necessarily what we want, we can begin to transcend the tradition ways of healing our mind and seeking happiness.

Once we understand the way in which we work psychologically we can start to make lasting, positive change. This new level understanding doesn’t come overnight. It takes discipline and courage to delve deeply into life and our self, but the rewards far outweigh the perils. A connection to our spirit can help us along the way, yet many have forgotten how to access this wisdom.

The mind and the spirit are inexorably linked yet we have made the mind our master and our spirit an unwelcome guest. It is this disconnection from our essence that leaves us wanting when all the psychological work has been done. A reconnection with our spiritual nature offers us a new lens through which to view life’s events, allowing us to see that we are not helpless victims but the orchestrators of our own unique symphony.

The information and resources on this website blend psychological theory and spiritual teachings to help you know yourself better and transcend the ordinary.