Sam Welsby is an educator, clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. She has developed a passion for communicating the peaks and troughs of psychological and spiritual awakening with a simplicity and wit that helps people take practical action to improve their lives. She offers personal mentoring sessions and produces a weekly podcast to assist people to understand human psychology and learn more about philosophical and spiritual traditions.

True Tales of Enlightenment Podcast

Since 2013 I have been writing and producing podcasts about my own  psychological and spiritual awakening, as well as, the massive social changes we are all witnessing.

By blending my direct experience with philosophical thought, psychological theories and spiritual teachings, I can help you understand your own psychological make up; including how your beliefs are formed, why you sabotage yourself, how to become aware of your biases and complexes, and most importantly how you can move past them.

You can subscribe to the True Tales of Enlightenment podcast through my website or in iTunes.

Personal Mentoring

I offer one-to-one 90 minute mentoring sessions via Skype that include a range of resources based on your specific needs, including personalised meditations, goal setting frame works and a spiritual toolkit.

After an initial 30 minute free consultation to assess if working together is appropriate, we can create the perfect program at a reasonable cost.

This can range from bi-weekly sessions, to a more “hands-off” method of working over a longer period of time. Flexibility and the freedom to work at your own pace are key.

I am committed to those you are committed to taking action towards change, so if you are ready to step into a life less ordinary, please get in touch.

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My Story

We all have one, don’t we? A catalogue of tales that we carry with us to show others who we are. Through traumatic childhood experiences I learnt to question life and the meaning of existence. I was exposed to a myriad of mental illnesses through family members, which in turn lead to my own battle with depression and anxiety.

The silver lining that accompanied this painful upbringing was a keen interest in the workings of the mind and a strong desire to free myself, and others, from mental illness. I was introduced to Buddhism at the age of 18 and this complemented my study of psychology, which I hoped would help me understand how I could free myself from my past and live a happy life.

After completing a degree in Education, Philosophy and Religious Studies, I worked in the publishing industry for 10 years, both in London and Melbourne.  My ultimate goal was to leave the business world and become a therapist, but I felt the need to heal myself before I embarked on a new career of helping others. The move from London to Melbourne helped me break certain psychological patterns that kept me in fear of change and I eventually retrained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.

This allowed me to put my past experience and knowledge to good use; finally I had a purpose that I felt was worthwhile. Understanding hypnosis enabled me to facilitate rapid change with my clients because it accessed the unconscious mind. Learning how powerful and vast this part of our psyche is was a life-changing moment and was also the entry point to my own meditation and spiritual practice.

Over the years I became dissatisfied with certain aspects of modern living; the stress, busyness and relentless financial pressure. So in 2012 I decided to leave Melbourne in search of a simpler life. After a year of travelling around Mexico, Europe and the UK, I found my new home; a log cabin in the Scottish Highlands with no wifi, no TV, no distractions. Here I wrote the book “True Tales of Enlightenment” and began documenting my own psychological and spiritual awakening via a podcast of the same name.

Living in a small, peaceful, rural community surrounded by nature and free from the constant bombardment of media and marketing, produced the most dramatic change, in my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, that I ever went through. This process was not always easy, as I let go of everything that defined me up until that point; family, friends, career, material status and my dear-held beliefs. But as with all rebirth processes, it was worth it in the end.

What is Enlightenment?

There have been many definitions of enlightenment over the years, but all encompass the idea that we need to let go of our illusions, or past beliefs, in order to awaken to a new reality. This could be in a psychological and spiritual sense, or as in the case of the movement in the 17th and 18th Century, our focus could be scientific and intellectual.

The challenge of the modern seeker is learning how to balance spiritual practices, that access higher consciousness and the unconscious mind, with the logic of our conscious intellect.

Immersion in spiritual practices without first understanding the workings of our own psyche leads to confusion and additional illusion. Yet, focussing only on the intellectual side of life keeps us in a cage of reason, where only the surface of life is examined.

The solution is to understand the seen and unseen world; the literal and metaphorical. Thus, we develop an omni-directional perspective, while keeping our feet on the ground.

If you require support through your own awakening process, please subscribe to the True Tales of Enlightenment podcast or contact me to talk about the mentoring I offer.


  • Bachelor Of Education – Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis and Counselling
  • NLP Master Practitioner