About Me

Sam Welsby is a teacher of conscious evolution, writer and mentor helping people bridge the gap between their physical and spiritual selves. She offers guidance on how to navigate the catalysing energies of change through her articles, podcasts, videos and personal mentoring sessions. Through a practical approach of grounding spirit into physical reality, she teaches people to be their own gurus and supports them in taking inspired action to help themselves and humanity as a whole.

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Essentially I am like everyone else. I want to be happy and live a meaningful life. Well, maybe that’s not quite everybody. Some want an easy life or to be endlessly entertained as they mistake pleasure for genuine happiness and believe an easy life  is better than an interesting one.

But for those who do seek to know more about themselves and life I can offer information, knowledge, experience and wisdom but not ‘the’ answers. Those will come in time and depend on the questions you ask.

If you decide to work one-on-one with me I’ll offer you support so you can delve into your own depths and strength to build your world anew. (Hopefully with some laughter along the way)

More about my background

I have been on a quest for meaning for most of my life and through my own experience of healing, learning and developing a spiritual practice I am committed to helping other people find their own way to understand themselves and navigate through life. My desire to find out more about the mind and the nature of consciousness sparked an interest in Buddhism and meditation from an early age. I then moved on to study other eastern philosophies and esoteric material from other cultures.

My empathic abilities and life experience have helped me gain a deep understanding of the mental and emotional issues that affect us all throughout our lives. Through personal mentoring sessions or via publicly available podcasts and videos I offer my knowledge in order to help others understand their inner processes so they can live happy and meaningful lives.


  • Bachelor Of Education
  • Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Holistic Counselling