Sam Welsby is a teacher of conscious evolution, writer and spiritual mentor. She has developed a passion for communicating the peaks and troughs of spiritual awakening with a simplicity and wit that helps people navigate through these times of change.

My Story

We all have one, don’t we? A catalogue of tales that we carry with us to show others who we are. Through traumatic childhood experiences I learnt to question life. Why was I here? Why was I experiencing pain? Why was my family not like other people’s families? Why was I so alone? But there was always a part of me who knew I was never really alone, that I could reach for something better, that if I could learn more about myself I would eventually find happiness; and so the journey of awakening began.

From my early interest in Buddhism and psychology, I moved on to all things esoteric, New Age and spiritual, mixing in some science, ancient history, modern economics, politics, the ever-popular conspiracy theory; you name it, I looked at it. The results of which are housed on the Resources Page in the form of book, documentary and audio recommendations, for those who are seeking to expand their awareness.

Yet I soon realised that knowledge didn’t bring me the complete sense of freedom I wanted. In many ways it held me back because I felt bound by that knowledge, still scared to make up my own mind and create a new way of living. So I moved to the wilderness and now live in a remote log cabin that is surrounded by nature. No wifi, no TV, no distractions. Just me, my partner and our cat. Here I continued the process of letting go of everything that defined me up until that point; here I learnt to write a new story.

Authenticity is a process of dissolving the past until only our true essence remains. We are all at some stage of that journey, ever-evolving, sometimes taking ten steps backwards for every one step forward, sometimes resting, sometimes rushing ahead at light speed. It requires a level of desire that goes beyond wanting or needing a better life. It requires you to make your (higher) self your top priority. Your life will radically change, that is assured. I hope the resources I offer will support you to live a life less ordinary.


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Personal Mentoring

I offer personal mentoring sessions via Skype and a range of personalised resources based on your specific needs. After an initial free consultation, we can create the perfect program at a reasonable cost.

This can range from weekly (or more if required) sessions to a more “hands-off” method of working over a longer period of time. Flexibility and the freedom to work at you own pace are key.

I am committed to those you are committed to their evolutionary journey, so If you are ready to step into a life less ordinary, please get in touch. Contact me >>


  • Bachelor Of Education – Theology and Religious Studies
  • Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis and Counselling
  • NLP Master Practitioner