Artificial Evolution

In this week’s podcast I talk about our desire to speed up our natural evolution through technology and the potential problems this can cause. Elon Musk has spoken at length on the dangers of creating advanced artificial intelligence before we have understood the worst case scenarios. Our shortsightedness and failure to think through the consequences of our actions has caused us untold suffering in the past. So how can we develop the wisdom needed to evolve naturally?

Part of the problem is that many find it difficult to transcend above their emotional reactions or the survival consciousness caused by the rat race. We live within our limbic system with our emotional reactions running the show. Are there ways for us to activate other parts of our minds that may have been damaged or switched off? Can we use the brain capabilities of geniuses or savants as a blueprint for a more natural evolution, or as we destined to evolve artificially?

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3. The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell (Myth)

25. Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot (Quantum Consciousness)

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