Closer to the Truth

This week’s podcast is about the unpalatable truths we can face along the path of awakening. Whether they are truths about how we have been living our lives, or truths concerning the outer world, confronting them can cause us pain.

When paradigms shift, as we are experiencing now, the collective can fall into denial or ridicule as a way to cope with what is being revealed; but awakening is a 360 degree endeavour. It requires us to experience the good, the bad and the ugly of our world. The truth will always set us free.

I talk this week about those who have sacrificed their lives and freedom to bring us the truth and why it is important to remember them. I talk about various aspects of who many call “The Cabal”, more often referred to as “They” or “The Elite”, so we can start to understand more about how the world really works and detach from the illusion fed to us through the media.

Fear and manipulation only control us if we buy into it. So free yourself by detaching from the repetitive drama and focus on some of the more positive initiatives and ideas being brought out into the open.

All the resources I mention in the podcast can be found on the Resources page.

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Here’s a song that ties in really well with the podcast with a message of truth, connection and empowerment for the future. Give it a listen to brighten your day.

“Closer” by The James L’Estraunge Orchestra.

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