CommUnity Matters

Join me this week as I talk about the importance of creating our own communities as a way to support each other. I speak about the rural community I live in and how living here has crystallized my sense of purpose in life. We all have a purpose but many have yet to discover it. Some people are simply here to be frequency holders, embodiers of love and compassion, as Eckart Tolle speaks about in his book “A New Earth”.

But what do we mean by “frequency” and how can understanding the unified field of existence help us to understand our purpose? In which ways can each of us lend a helping hand to our fellow man.? And is there any benefit to being, what many people call “service-to-self” oriented, in this game we call life?

As always there are many additional resources available to further your understanding of the topics I cover. Please visit the Resources page and take a look.

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