Why Do You Need a Counsellor?

A counsellor is there to offer support, knowledge and guidance for any aspect of your life, whether that is decision making, communication in relationshsips, or developing a spiritual practice. They help you to be accountable for the way you are interacting with the world and are invested in your spiritual and psychological well-being. They challenge you to grow and take responsibility for your life, while offering insight into aspects of psychological growth and spiritual awakening that you may not understand.

My Approach

Each counsellor has a specific approach and it’s important that you find one to suit your needs. The tools that I use are designed to give people an in depth understanding of their own mind, both conscious and subconscious. Cognitive Behavioural and mindfulness techniques help you to manage your thoughts and emotions, whilst depth psychology helps you to understand your motivations and past experiences. Hypnosis can give you an even deeper understanding and release from anxiety, but is not for everyone. Finally, I can help bring a spiritual dimension to your healing, if you are so inclined. I have found that this whole-person approach facilitates change on a lasting basis, meaning you don’t have to be in therapy forever.

Psychological Approach

  • Depth Psychology (Jungian Therapy)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T) Techniques
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Meditation, Prayer and other Spiritual Disciplines

Personal Counselling Sessions

I offer 60 or 90 minute counselling sessions via Skype

After an initial 15 minute free consultation to assess if working together is appropriate, we can assess which approach would work best for you.

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Additional Resources

I also offer a directory of books, documentaries, videos and other resources via my Resources page, all of which have helped me along the way. I hope they will act as a jumping off point for your own exploration.

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