Why does energy matter?

Everything is energy, there is no matter; that is what quantum physics tell us. Einstein’s equation E=MC2 explains that energy and matter are the same thing, it is simply their rate of vibration that is different. Remote energy healing is based on the idea that we are all energetic beings living within, and connected by, a larger field of energy. You can read more about this concept, and the science that underpins it, in my blog post “Dialing into the universal switchboard – The quantum field of possibilities”. Once you are aware of the importance of maintaining  a clear biofield (or energy body) and a strong connection to the universal energy field, you can learn to heal yourself.


You are more than just your body and mind

When you look in the mirror you can see your physical body and say, “This is me”. When you have a thought you can say “I think this”. If you want to change your physical body in some way, like losing weight, you can eat less food and do more exercise. If you are feeling unhappy or stressed you can change your thought processes by learning to relax more or by seeing a counsellor. These concepts are not new, most of us believe we have a certain amount of control over our physical bodies, minds and emotions. However, there is a fourth aspect of us that also contributes to our health and wellbeing. This is our energy body, which is sometimes called our biofield or aura.


Healthy energy body: Healthy spirit

The existence of the human energy field has been known by spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Science is now catching up and can photograph the energy fields of humans, plants, animals and every other living thing. The energy body, like the physical body, sometimes needs a detox and consistent attention in order to be healthy. If you have a mental or physical illness the health of your energy body must also be taken into consideration. Through the use of meditation, visualisation and intention you can learn how to clear your energy body, releasing any negativity or lower vibrational frequencies that have become stuck in your biofield. This will help you to feel healthier, more energised and positive about life.


Connecting to the universal energy field

By connecting to the universal energy field, sometimes called the zero point field, I can help you heal physical, mental and emotional issues whilst teaching you practical methods to heal yourself. Energy healing can be done at a distance because we are all made up of energy and connected by the universal energy field. Think of the field as a switchboard that you dial into through intention. Once the call is connected, the communication or healing process can begin. Once you learn how to clear and balance your own energy field, you can begin to heal yourself and others.


How can I help?

I offer 60 minute sessions via Skype that include chakra balancing and remote energy transference for healing. You can also use the guided meditation program available in my online store to learn the basic methods of connecting to the universal energy field and your specific source of energy.


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