Extreme Simplicity

In this week’s podcast I talk about the current trend towards extreme simplicity and why this method of promoting change is destined to create more problems than it solves. Whether we are talking about women’s rights, differences between genders or climate change, the solutions are never black and white.

Our ability to listen to others, examine our own behaviour and understand when we are emotionally triggered, helps us to be more assertive and nuanced when solving personal or global problems. Our responsibility to find our purpose and formulate our own ideas is far more important to our psychological well-being than managing the external responsibilities of life.

A response to suffering can be a feeling that life is unfair, which can lead to toxic tribalism and the ideological oversimplification that is so rampant today. By listening to some nuanced discussions about today’s topical issues we can develop our critical faculties, which brings clarity rather than the impractical goal of ending all suffering.

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