Do you wish you could meditate more?

Many people wish they could meditate more, yet they find it difficult to find the time, or simply haven’t found a method that really works for them.  There are many meditation techniques to be found, some focus on the breath, others incorporate visualisation or sound. Tai Chi is a wonderful form of active meditation, as is yoga.  Any practice that directs you to focus your attention on a single point is a form of meditation; some traditions call this mindfulness.  The key here is that meditation can take on many forms, it is up to you to find the method that gives you the most peace and joy.


I just don’t have time to meditate

One misconception is that you have to meditate for a long time to gain any benefit.  Many people have given up on the practice because they can’t shut their mind off for even a short period of time; they become frustrated, which defeats the object entirely.  If you find it difficult to shut off your thoughts, one option is to start by using guided meditations.  These need not be long, just 10 minutes in the morning or at night can have a significant effect on your level of peace, clarity and wellbeing.


Finding a meditation method to suit you

Instead of just focusing on clearing your mind, you can also focus on a feeling, like loving-kindness, or you can begin to work with your energy field in order to cleanse and heal yourself. The aim is to help you feel better, so focusing on the word or feeling of calm for just a few moments will make a huge difference, will remembering a time when you felt calm, or peace, or wellbeing.  The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and what is vividly imagined, so if you bring to mind a memory of feeling love or peace, your subconscious mind will follow your orders and help you feel that way in the present.


Connecting to the source

For me, meditation is a lifeline. I make time for it in the morning and at night.  You can view my blog post “Different strokes for different folks – Meditation methods for you” for more details on my method as a way to help you develop your own.  Once you have created a meditation practice that works for you, you can connect with the universal energy field, or zero point field, and draw down whatever it is you require; peace, healing, love, abundance, clarity or guidance.  Once you move your focus away from the mind and into the body, you will begin to feel more positive, focused and stable.


How can I help?

I can help you develop a meditation practice of your own, based on your specific needs and goals in life.  Do you want more abundance, better healthy, more loving relationships, or simply greater peace of mind?  The secret to creating the life you want is to focus on what you want, and meditation is the perfect tool to help you do this.

I offer 60 minute Skype sessions that include an assessment of your needs and a personalised mediation practice. You can also purchase short, guided meditation programs from my online store.


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