How do I switch off my mind?

If you have ever asked this question, you know what it feels like to be at the mercy of your own thoughts. How can you stop yourself from worrying?  I know from experience it can seem impossible, but by learning to calm the mind and let go of negative thinking patterns is a skill that can be learnt like any other.  Holistic counselling is allows you to view your life as a whole, bringing more self-awareness and self-acceptance.


Stop asking “What if…?”

By first becoming aware of your thoughts and then learning how to change them you can become free from worry, panic and isolation. If you are in the habit of imagining the worst-case scenario or constantly asking, ‘what if…?’, holistic counselling can help you develop a state of inner calm and self-esteem that leads to a more joyous way of being.


Freedom from fear

I offer a holistic approach to counselling which focuses on working with the mind, body and spirit to help bring a sense of balance to your life. If you have experienced other ‘talk therapies’ you may have felt something was lacking as most simply focus on the mind and your thought processes. I believe a holistic approach to counselling opens up more avenues for creating change in your life. It helps you understand your fear-based thought patterns and behaviours, connecting you to a higher level of being so you can see life from a different perspective.


Living with purpose

When you begin to look at your life as a whole, you can move away from thinking of yourself as a victim of circumstance and make powerful choices to help you live an authentic, fulfilling life. Holistic counselling, combined with hypnotherapy and meditation, offers you a framework from which to create a new way of living.  By using methods to develop present moment awareness you can stop the circular thought processes that limit your growth by keeping you stuck in the past.  Once your energy is focused on the present, you can take the time to discover your unique purpose and live a life free from fear.


How can I help?

I offer 60 minute holistic counselling sessions via Skype that give you practical methods to help you quiet the mind, release negative thoughts and behaviours, heal pain from the past and move towards a powerful and positive future. Visit my Products page for more information.

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