The Hero’s Journey

In this week’s podcast I talk about the archetypal Hero’s Journey that we see in myths from around the world and how it relates to our own life journey.  Joseph Campbell was the first person to write about this in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” and Carl Jung wrote about the importance of myth and dream symbols when we are embarking on any kind of psychological growth process. But where do these common stories and motifs come from and why is it important to see our lives in a more symbolic way?

In a world that is moving towards a higher degree of polarisation we need to learn to become more nuanced in our interpretation of events and spiritual teachings. Black and white thinking leads to dogma, which in turns hinders our growth. In this episode I talk about how we can walk the fine line between logic and intuition so we have a balanced view of reality. Viewing life in a symbolic way allows us a different perspective helping us to move out of victimhood and towards empowerment.

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