The Tesseract

In this week’s podcast I talk about the benefit of accessing higher dimensional consciousness. This concept is no longer spoken about only by spiritual teachers, it has become a mainstream concept that is discussed by scientists. Yet it is incredibly difficult to understand from our third dimensional perspective.

By looking at third dimensional issues through a fourth dimensional lense we gain an observational perspective. This allows us to lessen our emotional reactions and achieve more clarity, which is the goal of any spiritual practice. Unfortunately, relaxation, fitness or happiness have become the aims of modern spiritual seekers, which lessens their ability to think clearly and evolve.

The term “Tesseract” is used in sci-fi films like “Interstellar” to describe the fourth and fifth dimensionsal construct, but can we access these dimensions now? Many people like the idea of connecting with aspects of themselves or other beings who live in different dimensions, but how does this actually work? Are we living in a huge, multi-layered computer simulation? How does spirituality fit into this model of reality?

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