The True Tales of Enlightenment You Tube channel offers an antidote to the one-dimensional and ever-changing stream of information fed to us through the mainstream and social media. The latest videos are listed below.

By viewing our collective issues through different lenses, including; human psychology, esoteric and mystical knowledge, history and science, these videos offer practical information to help us understand who we are and how we can become empowered by radical change instead of fearful of it.

True Tales of Enlightenment Podcast

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I talk about my own  spiritual awakening and the massive social changes we are all witnessing, as looking at society gives us a mirror that reflects back to us our own psyche and helps us see what needs to be changed within.

By blending my direct experience with philosophical thought, psychological theories and spiritual teachings I help you understand your own psychological make up; including how your beliefs are formed, why you sabotage yourself, how to become aware of your biases and complexes, and most importantly how you can move past them.

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