True Tales of Enlightenment is a collection of resources based on my own psychological and spiritual evolution, taking me from an unconscious reactionary way of living life to a more conscious existence.

The entry point of all personal growth is to become self-aware. Once we begin the journey of knowing ourselves in a deeper way, we can avoid the delusions that lead us to sabotage our progress towards authenticity and happiness.

The True Tales of Enlightenment book is a series of 20 short tales based on real-life experiences that propelled me along my own path. Each experience unlocked new knowledge and wisdom that eventually led to an empowering worldview. The book deals with our global awakening and redefines spiritual concepts by viewing them through the lenses of personal and global issues. Each story deals with a specific aspect of our society, psyche or spiritual development.

The True Tales of Enlightenment You Tube channel offers presentations and videos that give more detailed explanations of the themes from the book, as well as personal perspectives on psychological and spiritual awakening.

The True Tales of Enlightenment podcast provides the audio support that many people require and offers in depth discussion on many spiritual teachings and psychological theories. Each podcast offers knowledge to help you understand yourself better, so you can move out of self-sabotage and towards an empowered existence. Subscribe via my website or in iTunes and other podcasting sites.

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