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True Tales of Enlightenment is a collection of (20) short stories that redefine the nature of enlightenment and what it means to live a spiritual life in our modern society.

This book offers an alternative to the superficial form of spirituality that sells us quick-fix methods to reach a higher state of consciousness. The reader is encouraged to discover their own version of enlightenment in order to stop seeking answers outside of themselves.

These tales redefine spiritual concepts by viewing them through the lenses of our personal and global issues, grounding them into reality.

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Each story in the True Tales of Enlightenment book deals with a specific aspect of our society, psyche or spiritual development.

Some of the questions raised are:

  • Why are our soul mates often our worst enemies?
  • Are mental illnesses a necessary part of spiritual awakening?
  • Why are quick fix solutions so attractive to those on a spiritual path?
  • How can we use the illusory nature of reality to our benefit?

Based on real-life experiences, these stories provide insight on why the human race has become disempowered and what we can do to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, without falling into the trap of cognitive dissonance or down the rabbit hole of apocalyptic doom.

This knowledge can act as a catalyst for readers who choose to embark on their own quest for a meaningful and purposeful life. The reader is given just enough information to pique their interest in multiple aspects of psychology, spirituality, esoteric and scientific knowledge to forge their own unique, evolutionary path.

The book offers hope to those who feel lost, confused and disconnected from life and offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be spiritual.