Sam Welsby is a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Educator.


B.A Hons in Education – Theology and Religious Studies

Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma of Health – Counselling


Counselling Approach

I specialise in overcoming childhood trauma and narcissistic abuse and treating the P.T.S.D that can occur as a result.

My counselling approach includes dealing with subconscious issues through Depth Psychology and Hypnotherapy and using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques to help you change your behaviour. Freedom from the past is possible when you set positive aims.

  • Depth Psychology
  • C.B.T Techniques
  • Mindfulness & Hypnotherapeutic Techniques

Spiritual Disciplines and Bible Teaching

  • Meditation, Prayer and other Spiritual Disciplines
  • Bible Study

I also offer a spiritual guidance and education for those who are interested in taking their knowledge to a higher level.  Meditation and prayer can offer people another dimension of healing, comfort and guidance. I offer training in the spiritual disciplines to help people build a personal relationship with God.

I also run study sessions to help people rediscover the wisdom of the Bible and its power to transform lives.

One-to-one or group teaching session can be arranged. 

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