Angels & Daemons

In this week’s podcast I talk about evil and it’s expression in the world. Some say that evil doesn’t exist. Some say the field of psychology can explain why people do evil things. But is that true?

Many people who believe they are spiritual but not religious still turn to the metaphysical world for guidance and protection from negative energy. Angels, spirit guides, mediums and rituals are used by innocent, sometimes desperate, people when they are feeling lost and weakened by life’s trials and tribulations. This over reliance on external guidance can lead to psychic attack that weakens their defences.

If we look at how people drain our energy, we can see how this also happens in a metaphysical sense. We can use the same techniques to repell both types of energy vampires. The only spiritual power that sustains us over time is not power we get through performing rituals and sacrifices, but the kind we generate through ethical conduct, solitude and contemplation. It is the more difficult path. Yet it gives us meaning and a way to see through the storm, whilst delivering us from evil.

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