“It is true that spiritual inertia can bring, to certain souls, an illusory sense of peace. But this peace is just as unhealthy as the quiescence of a stagnant pond” Thomas Merton, Ascent to Truth

In this week’s podcast I share a personal mystical experience brought on by reading Thomas Merton’s book, Ascent to Truth. This book illumintates the path towards contemplation and mystical communion. It is the path laid down by the mystic, Saint John of the Cross, who wrote about the dark night of the soul.

Thomas Merton was a paradoxical figure, revered by some and distrusted by others because he took an interest in Eastern Traditions during his life as a Trappist Monk. There are many differences between the teachings of various religions, but the truth of mystical experiences binds them all together. They take us out of ourselves and connect us to an infinite intelligence so vast, we cannot comprehend it consciously. We rely on unsatisfactory concepts of God in an attempt to define the “ground of being”. But how to we access this enormous power and what can we gain?

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97. C. G. Jung-Collected Works-Volume 9ii: Aion – Researches into Phenomenology of the Self

98. Seven Storey Mountain: An Autobiography of Faith – Thomas Merton

99. The Sign of Jonas – Thomas Merton (Personal Journal)

100. Ascent to Truth – Thomas Merton (Christian Mysticism)

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