Broken Spells

In this week’s podcast I talk about the power of hypnosis and the psychology of the group. We all, believe it or not, spend most of our waking life in a light state of hypnosis and are therefore susceptible to all kinds of subtle coercion from advertising agencies and others who want to control us. The person who seeks enlightenment through a guru, or charismatic personality, needs to be aware of the techniques used to encourage devotion through mind control.

By analysing the dynamics of cults, with special reference to the Rajneeshees and Osho, I show how easy it is for all of us to veer off the spiritual path and lose ourselves in practices that stimulate our ego. We are all subject to the power of certain people and ideas, that act like spells on our consciousness. Whether these spells are cast by organisations, or our nearest and dearest, we need to become aware of how to break them and assert our own will by connecting to our personal guidance.

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81. C. G. Jung-Collected Works-Volume 9i: The Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

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