Consequence of Desire

“I’m willing to suffer the consequences of my error, that’s not the same as being right.” Jordan Peterson

The consequence of craving is suffering. This is one of the main teachings in Buddhism, yet it’s mostly ignored by modern spiritual seekers in favour of the pursuit of inner peace. We meditate, do yoga and practice mindfulness, while turning away from the key to finding liberation; becoming free from strong desires, or attachments.

It’s not that we shouldn’t have desires, it’s that our attachments to them cause us pain. We make bad decisions because we fear the consequences of not having our desires met and remain on the hamster wheel of acquisition and power in order to satisfy our feelings of emptiness.

Not getting what we want is an important teaching. Suffering the consequences of our actions is another. Yet we spend most of our lives running from both these scenarios. Let’s look more deeply at desire.

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