Conspiracy No More

In this week’s podcast I ask how many of our beliefs are based on conspiracy theories? With the death of, ‘sex trafficker for the elites’, Jeffrey Epstein people have been drawn into a conspiratorial way of thinking. In one person’s words, “We’ve all become Alex Jones.”

But in many ways we have been conspiracy theorists all along. After all, the mainstream media has pushed a false narrative for three years that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election and a large swathe of people believed the story because it came from “trusted” news sources.

It’s time we looked more deeply into how the mainstream narratives we believe to be true were initiated and whether conspiracy theories provide the underpinning of many of our most accepted beliefs.

I take a look at the Epstein case, Zionist conspiracies and the ever-controversial Qanon movement to see whether we will ever know the truth, or if we are destined to be kept in the dark forever.

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