Higher Octave

In this week’s podcast I talk about the importance of discipline in our everyday lives. Not the kind of discipline that we associate with control or punishment, but a higher octave of consciousness that keeps us from the inertia that often dominates our personal growth.

The spiritual disciplines from all traditions tend to focus on stillness, solitude, study and meditation, so how do we practice these in our busy live? Carl Jung once remarked that “Hurry is not of the Devil; it is the Devil.” because constant activity is just another way in which we distract ourselves from hearing our inner voice. Learning to listen to that voice is one of the most valuable tasks we can undertake so we can learn to live, in what Richard Foster would call, “the appropriateness of the hour.”

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14. Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster (Spiritual Growth)

21. Change Your Thinking – Sarah Edelman (CBT)

23. The Field – Lynn McTaggart (Quantum Physics/Consciousness)

24. The Intention Experiment – Lynne McTaggart (Consciousness)

25. Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot (Quantum Consciousness)

26. In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat – John Gribbin (Quantum Physics/Reality)

Audio Books

4. The Way of Zen – Alan Watts

Additional Videos

6. The Importance of Discipline – Alan Watts

67. Waking Cosmos: Garret Moddel Ph.D. on Science Behind Psychic Phenomenon


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