Higher Power

In this week’s podcast I talk about the spiritual discipline of forgiveness and how we can practice this in our lives. Often, we find it difficult to forgive others because they haven’t confessed, apologised and atoned for what they have done. The act of confession relieves us of our burdens and cleanses our soul. It helps us to steer clear of the corruption that leads to much of our misfortune.

Sometimes human forgiveness is not enough, and we need to hand over the situation to a Higher Power. This idea permeates many religions and movements such as Alcoholics Anonymous, yet many of us are not comfortable with developing a relationship with a personal God. We prefer an impersonal idea of the ultimate divine force, perhaps because we are afraid of being judged.

The question is, are we able to be transformed by “the Universe” or ‘the Source” or do we need to wrestle with a personal God in order for our soul to be cleansed?

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