Inner Oracle

In this week’s podcast I talk about the Ancient Greek myth of Cassandra and the importance of consulting the archetypal stories that many modern thinkers believe are now obsolete. These, more than any thing, are our common heritage and allude to shared experiences that we all must navigate. The story of Cassandra offers us insight into the relationship we have with our inner oracle; our intuition.

Many turn their heads away from their inner knowing for fear of where it may guide them. But turning away does not remove the insight, it only distorts it and creates a black mirror through which to view life. Mental illnesses of all kinds are a reflection of our inability to understand our own psyche and heed the call of our inner being. So how can we create a balance between our beliefs and our intuitive knowing? How can we create equality within?

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69. The Paying Guests – Sarah Waters

20. Brilliant Madness: A Genius’ Descent into Madness. A Brilliant Madness is the story of a mathematical genius whose career was cut short by a descent into madness Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, Nash spent the next three decades in and out of mental hospitals, all but forgotten. During that time, a proof he had written at the age of 20 became a foundation of modern economic theory. In 1994, as Nash began to show signs of emerging from his delusions, he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Economics.
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