Love is Blind

In this week’s podcast I talk about love, light and truth. Many of the New Age teachings focus on love and spreading light around the planet to help humanity evolve. We even have a New Age spiritual teacher running for President and she asks, “Can Love Beat Trump?”.

But what kind of love are we talking about? And why is love the answer?

This particular teaching has never sat well with me, it seems too simplistic and vague, but it wasn’t until recently that I understood why; Love is blind. It doesn’t help us discern the truth and that is what spirituality is all about, the truth.

With so much misinformation occurring in the news we need to become even more aware of when people are lying. The media are illusionists who manipulate those who are not residing within integrity. But it is not just the media we need to protect ourselves against.

Psychic attack is rife on the planet, so how do we know when it’s happening and how can we protect ourselves from it? It is not love that will protect us, because when we are loving our boundaries are lowered; we are vulnerable.

It is our willingness to accept the truth of our situation that will give us the strength and stability to weather this particular storm.

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