One Ten Trillionth

What is consciousness? Where does it originate from? Some say it resides in our brain and others believe we can project our conscious awareness anywhere we choose.

Shamanic cultures have accessed other dimensional realms for millennia and modern day seekers can use psycho-spiritual drugs as a shortcut to these spiritual places. But delving into other aspects of reality can be hazardous if we don’t understand or respect their sacred nature.

In this week’s podcast I discuss the scientific and spiritual nature of consciousness, psychic phenomenon and ask if the fraction of reality we are able to perceive through our five sense is the only reality available to us.

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25. Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot (Quantum Consciousness)

27. The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake (Scientific Dogma)

28. The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins (Religious Dogma)

30. Between Life and Death – Dolores Connon (Hypnosis/Afterlife)

49. The Afterlife of Billy Fingers – Annie Kagan (Afterlife/Consciousness)


13. DMT: The Spirit Molecule From 1990 to 1995 Dr. Rick Strassman conducted U.S. Government-approved and funded clinical research at the University of New Mexico in which he injected sixty volunteers with DMT, one of the most powerful psychedelics known. His detailed account of those sessions is an extraordinarily riveting inquiry into the nature of the human mind and the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

Additional Videos

1. Science and spirituality: Jeff Lieberman at TED

2. Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening – Phil Borges at TED

16. The Brain with David Eagleman – What is Reality?

23. The Primacy of Consciousness – Peter Russell

24. Terence McKenna: Carl Jung, Psychic Archetypes and DMT

25. The Sleeping Psychic: Edgar Cayce Biography

26. Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stoke of Insight (TED)

29. Psychic Abilities – Physicist Russell Targ

49. The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake TED Talk

50. Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Resonance and more

66. Waking Cosmos: Garret Moddel Ph.D. on Science Behind Psychic Phenomenon

83. Science Vs God – Is There A Life Force That Transcends Matter? (Sheldrake/Brand)

102. Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality: Anil Seth (TED Talk)



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