Sentience is Futile

In this week’s podcast I talk about nihilism and the futility of existence. Why do things matter to us, or not? Is it worth living a life that we feel is empty and meaningless, or does that attitude set us free? A lack of meaning can lead to depression, which is in itself comforting on some level as we perceive ourselves as victims. Wish fulfillment and magical thinking can seem like an easy way to combat depressive states of consciousness, but often leave us feeling unfulfilled. Wishing for a thing doesn’t make it so; it’s a deep examination of our values that reveals our purpose.

Purpose, meaning and responsibility are the antidote to nihilism and set us apart from other sentient beings who are not so aware of themselves and their existence. Yet self-awareness can create self-obsession, over-thinking and all manner of mental illnesses. The fact that we are truly sentient is our greatest gift, but if not used properly can become a curse. How can we live with this double edged sword of consciousness?

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