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In this week’s podcast I talk about creativity, intelligence and autism. In the Maori language the word used to describe autism is ‘Takiwātanga’, which translated means “My/his/her own time and space.” If you have spent any time with people with spectrum disorders you will know this is an accurate description of their disposition.

We still don’t fully understand why autism develops, or have a clear idea of why many autistic people have exceptional creative or academic abilities. Are they able to access different levels of consciousness due to a difference in brain chemistry? Why can communication be so difficult for them?

I also talk about one of the most creative people of recent times, Prince and show how we can still connect to the spirit of people who have died by opening our minds to different levels of communication. This requires us to change our perception in order to understand that our reality is both physical and energetic.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said that “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” There are many people who are overwhelmed with the amount of information we have access to and are losing their ability to deal with a complex reality. This leads to the blunting of intelligence at a time when we need all our wits about us.

So, how can we activate different parts of our minds, to cope with this cascade of ideas. Can we learn from people with autism about how to access higher intelligence and creativity?

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84. A Child of Eternity – Adrianna Roche & Kristi Jorde (Biography/Autism)

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