In this week’s podcast I ask why self-help is the number one selling genre in literature and why we are so clueless about being human. Our ability to self-sustain dwindles with every piece of advice sought from another. So how can we learn to sustain ourselves in times of need?

It has always stuck me as odd that we are not born with more understaning of ourselves. It would be nice to have an instruction manual saved in “the cloud” for those times when we feel lost and confused, but instead we find ourselves relying on others to show us the way.

The downside of this advice seeking is we fail to develop our personal life-sustaining practices that will help us in our times of need. Many believe that self-love is the key ingredient of nurturing and inner strength, but the kind of self-love encouraged by modern spirituality consists of treating ourselves rather than forging a strong spiritual connection through solitude, meditation and prayer.

This is how we refill our cup so that we can give to others without restriction or depletion.

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