Conspiracy No More

In this week’s podcast I ask how many of our beliefs are based on conspiracy theories? With the death of, ‘sex trafficker for the elites’, Jeffrey Epstein many people have been drawn into this conspiratorial way of thinking, in one person’s words, “We’ve all become Alex Jones.” It’s time we looked more deeply into how the mainstream narratives we believe to be true were initiated and whether conspiracy theories provide the underpinning of many of our most accepted beliefs.
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New Dawn

In this week’s podcast I talk about the energy of truth that we can see seeping into so many different areas, bringing light and justice where once there was only corruption and darkness. A new dawn has come and there is no turning back. We have such a supportive and buoyant energy assisting us to become warriors; defenders of truth, protectors of those who need it the most.
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Four Corners

“Every truth has four corners: As a teacher I give you one corner
 and it is for you to find the other three.” Confucius

As we begin a New Year it’s important to reassess, not only our goals, but our premises about life. Are we standing on a solid foundation of truth or a pile of comfortable lies? By reviewing some of the topics from last year using Confucius’ four cornered approach, we will can bring balance to our ideas.
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