When we detach from our normal state of consciousness we can expand our level of self-awareness and begin our evolutionary journey. Our repeated loops of conditioned thoughts, behaviours and emotions need to be by-passed if we are to change the world we live in. When we begin to ask new questions that lead us away from our everyday reality, we open the door to places within ourselves that invariably need exploring and healing. Before we can make changes we need to know the real reasons for our dissatisfaction or we will simply continue the same patterns instead of creating something original and inspiring.


Forgiveness and resolution are essential elements within any evolutionary process. We cannot move forward until we have released the trauma from the past and understood the significance of our pain. Our hardest lessons often catalyse new levels of growth that take us more quickly where we need to go. The process of elimination is not for the faint-hearted as our most dear held beliefs will be challenged and our identity altered. All transformation requires us to leave behind what is no longer relevant; the caterpillar has no need for the chrysalis once it has its wings.


To be healed is to become integrated and whole. This is true for the planet and us. Yet to embrace wholeness means to open our eyes to the darkness rather than solely focusing on the light. Spiritual escapism and suppression only causes more fragmentation and a deepening of our problems. There is no single solution that will save the world and no fast track to enlightenment. Our journey is a cooperative one where we finally become comfortable with the paradox of creating unity out of diversity. When we embrace this concept we will be whole and free.


We are in the midst of an expansion in human consciousness where many are waking up to the truth that we are not free. To evolve beyond the stories we have been told and uncover our own complicity in the world’s imbalance is part of our collective evolutionary path. It is a necessary part of a spiritual awakening but it is not the end of it. Taking action toward mental, emotional and spiritual freedom is where the real work begins. It is easy to fall back into old habits and justifications for our behavior, but once we awaken we cannot go back to sleep and be happy. No one said this process would be easy but it will be worth it in the end.


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