Who Do You Think You Are?

Do you ever wonder why there are some people who you just can’t get along with? It’s as if they simply don’t understand you, nor you them.  Much of the conflict in our relationships can be solved by understanding our own and others dominant personality type. Are we introverted or extroverted? Do we rely on logical thought or make our decisions based on how we feel? Are we intuitive or do we only focus on what is going on around us?

Carl Jung was one of the first psychologists to propose the idea of personality types and his work has been adapted for use in companies around the world. His typology was never meant to pigeon-hole people but to facilitate understanding and improve relationships. The first part of this podcast is a story taken from an excerpt of Daryl Sharp’s book on Jungian Personality types where each personality type becomes a character that perhaps we can each relate to. In the second half of the podcast I explore the practical benefits of becoming familiar with who we are and how we perceive the world. In doing so we can move away from judging each other and towards becoming more tolerant.

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5. Personality Types (Jung) – Daryl Sharp (Jungian Psychology)

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