Wisdom Walk

Wisdom is only gained by walking your own path. In this week’s podcast I take some time to walk through the forest and drop beneath the swirl of chaotic energy that permeates our existence. I talk about the danger of substituting information and knowledge for wisdom and identifying too much with our intellect. The shift that many have spoken about has already happened and what we are seeing are the death throes of a dying system.

Following on from last week’s podcast on the personality typing system, The Enneagram, I delve more deeply into the shadow side of each type and the predominant feelings they have to deal with, including – anger, fear and shame. These feelings are the internal wisdom teachings of the self and should be treated as precious gems that need to be brought into the light of day. How can we develop feelings of internal support and peace while the storms rage on?

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50. The Fate of Empires – Sir John Glubb (Essay)

57. Archetype and the Collective Unconscious  – Carl Jung (Psychology)

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The Abyss – (1989)

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