World of Nouns

In this week’s podcast I talk about the importance and power of symbols, from corporate brands to spiritual images. We are influenced by these symbols from birth, yet we are encouraged to view life as a collection of nouns without meaning because we have lost the use of metaphorical language, which formed the worldview of our ancestors.

I talk about some of the symbols that are personal to me and the different meanings associated with them. I discuss Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that is based on one of our most ancient symbols; the pyramid. We are accustomed to hierarchies and an upward movement towards growth, but are we willing to descend into the depths of ourselves in order to develop Diamond Consciousness, which is multi-faceted and cuts through our defence mechanisms to get to the truth.

One of the most contentious issues of our times is the impact humans have on the Earth, which of course links into our levels of consumerism. I thought I would recommend two very different perspectives on this subject (Nos. 5 and 80) in the resources below. I also include discussions about the need for God in our lives and whether there is a life force that transcends matter, as they perfectly illustrate the depth of analysis and understanding we need to develop when grappling with these complex topics.

Can we hold all perspectives in our mind, or must we choose sides?

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5. No Logo In the last decade, No Logo has become a cultural manifesto for the critics of unfettered capitalism worldwide. As the world faces a second economic depression, No Logo’s analysis of our corporate and branded world is as timely and powerful as ever.

Additional Videos

80. Alex Epstein & Dave Rubin Talk About Climate Change

81. “Do We Need God to Make Sense of Life?” – Susan Blackmore vs Jordan Peterson

82. “A Glitch in the Matrix” – Intellectual Dark Web & the Mainstream Media

84. Science vs God – Is There A Life Force That Transcends Matter? (Sheldrake/Brand)


4. Man and His Symbols – Carl Jung (Jungian Psychology)




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